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"Mech-25" Cat - DUFFEL BAG

"Mech-25" Cat - DUFFEL BAG

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Discover the Mech-25 Cat, an artistic fusion of mechanical engineering and feline beauty. This extraordinary artwork showcases a cat’s silhouette reimagined with intricate, sci-fi and Asian inspired mechanical elements. Perfect for enthusiasts of abstract design, robotics, and animal art. The Mech-25 Cat, a masterpiece of fantasy art, blends technology and nature, making it a standout addition to any collection. It’s a unique piece that cat lovers and tech aficionados alike will admire, embodying both the elegance of cats and the cutting-edge appeal of mechanical design.

-Material: 100% polyester Oxford canvas
-Small and large size available
-Black, adjustable, durable strap with shoulder pad
-Name tag sewn inside


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