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"Ram-Bear” Monster - 1st Edition - FRAMED POSTER

"Ram-Bear” Monster - 1st Edition - FRAMED POSTER

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The Ram-Bear Colossus – Unveil the might of the mountain incarnate, the Ram-Bear Colossus. A formidable fusion where the unstoppable power of a bear is amplified by the unyielding vigor of a ram. Its massive form looms over the landscape, a titanic figure of muscle and might, with fur like the rugged terrain it walks upon. Curled horns of mythic proportion spiral from its head, symbols of its strength and battle-hardened resilience. Its eyes, deep pools of wisdom, reflect a legacy as old as the hills from which it reigns. This guardian of the mountain passes roars a challenge to the sky, a sound that cascades down rocky outcrops and through the sprawling forests below. A step from this behemoth is an earthquake.


-LexJet Premium 200 gsm paper  
-Protective acrylic cover      
-Frames available in black, walnut and white finishes      
-Hanging kit already fixed    
-Matte paper finish


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