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“Gorilla-Tiger” Monster - 1st Edition - FRAMED POSTED

“Gorilla-Tiger” Monster - 1st Edition - FRAMED POSTED

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The Gorilla Tiger – Witness the might of the jungle’s true KING, a formidable fusion where the raw power of a gorilla meets the stealthy grace and speed of a tiger. This is no ordinary creature or average monster, he the embodiment of strength and agility, ruling his domain with an unchallenged presence. Each stride through his territory is a testament to its unrivaled status as the apex of both land and lore. Not just a figment of the imagination but a majestic ruler in the world of fantasy and sci-fi. He isn’t just a visual thrill but the ultimate tribute to the untamed heart of the wild. This framed poster is destined to command attention, becoming the undisputed centerpiece of any room it graces.


-LexJet Premium 200 gsm paper     
-Protective acrylic cover      
-Frames available in black, walnut and white finishes     
-Hanging kit already fixed    
-Matte paper finish

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