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“Mech-34” Eagle - CERAMIC MUG 11oz

“Mech-34” Eagle - CERAMIC MUG 11oz

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Introducing the Mech-34 Eagle – a soaring embodiment of futuristic elegance and power. This stunning piece captures the essence of an eagle in a unique mechanical form, blending the grace of nature with the intrigue of sci-fi. Perfect for admirers of both wildlife and imaginative technology, this artwork brings a sense of awe-inspiring majesty. The Mech-34 Eagle is more than just a design, it’s a celebration of the harmonious blend of the natural and the mechanical, making it an ideal design for fans of cutting-edge art and abstract themes.

-Product: Ceramic Mug  
-Material: Ceramic with colored interior and handle  
-Size: 11 oz (0.33 l)
-Rounded corners


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