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“Rhino-Wolf” Monster - 1st Edition - DESK MAT

“Rhino-Wolf” Monster - 1st Edition - DESK MAT

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The Rhino-Wolf – He is a titan among beasts, the king of the mountain monsters, towering over a snow-swept landscape that’ll make you believe in other worlds. This isn’t just any wall art, it’s a slice of fantasy that’ll turn your living space into a front-row seat to an epic saga. This incredible animal combines the formidable presence of a rhino with the power and speed of a wolf, captured in a moment that’s pure sci-fi magic.

This fully customizable desk mat is perfect for that extra personal touch at work or in your home office. Made of 3mm thick neoprene material, it has an anti-slip backing and a hemmed edge for durability and stability.

Pick it in three sizes 12” × 18”, 12” × 22” & 31" × 15.5" and glow up your workspace.

-Material: 3 mm thick neoprene
-Anti-slip backing
-Multifunctional use



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